23 year-old Ryoko Asuka, or more commonly known as Ryo across the world, has a story that starts out much like many girls of her type. Growing up and spending her youth as just another boy in Phoenix, Arizona, she one day found the amazing side to womanhood and all of the fun, glamour, and wonderment the life could bring her. Ryo soon blossomed into just another cute girl next door.

What started out as a normal kinky hobby to make some cash on the side, Ryo quickly began to collect a small following of fans who very much appreciated the work she was doing in camshows. The pictures and videos she had been producing herself from home had started to get posted like wildfire all over the place across message boards and the like. Not too long after her small gain of internet fame, she had some professional shoots done with ShemaleYum, only adding to her growing portfolio.

Ryo herself is a pretty friendly person is always looking to just meet new people and is always looking for new experiences, so don't be shy!

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